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The Rainbow SRX is a Certified Air Cleaner

Everyone wants to breathe clean air. Unfortunately, that is not up to us. In everyday life we are exposed to airborne contaminants that may compromise our health & indoor air can be even more dangerous. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air can regularly be 2x more polluted than outdoors & sometimes even 10x higher than outdoor levels.

Our professionally trained & certified representatives have been educated on all guidelines from the CDC (Center for Disease Control). We will adhere to all regulations to ensure they create a safe space in homes during our demonstrations so that we may continue to provide the healthiest possible environment. The Rainbow SRX is the finest air & home cleaning system on the market and will most definitely assist in delivering that for you and your friends.

Your family & friends will be gifted a free air cleaning in any 2 rooms they choose and we will sanitize their home with the fresh air solution. Rainbow owners – our customers – Breathe Easy – knowing that your well-being is central to our purpose.

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Rules & guidelines

When you are completing your program follow all of the rules & guidelines of the program. This will definitely assist in your success!

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We want you to be ready when you pick up your phone to call and set the appointments for your program by using our calling script.

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FAQs & Communications

Get answers to questions asked the most!

Why haven’t I received an email confirming my show booking?

Don’t fret! We have more than likely received your booking & have already replied via email – we strive to reply to your requests as quickly as possible! We do respond based on what date your showing is for. We respond to our most urgent requests first. This means that we respond to our closest scheduled showings first.

Check your junk email folder before contacting us – if you still do not see a response please reach out to your rep & the marketing department!

What is a standby appointment?

Standby means all available reps have been booked; however, please don’t let this discourage you from booking a demo on that particular date. We book demos on “standby” because many times we have customers reschedule their booked demos. When this happens, it leaves an opening for any of our customers who have booked standby demos.


In the event Rainbow reschedules, you will receive automatic credit for that show, provided-and only if- the number of reschedules on your end does not equal or exceed the number of reschedules on our end, (except for reschedules that result from severe weather or other acts of God), and the considered showing met the “qualified showing” standard. Auto credit will only be calculated upon the completion of all remaining shows on your program. In the event your auto credit showing ends up being run on a different day, it still only counts as one showing, not two. Standby shows do not qualify for this rule.

What happens if we reschedule on you?

If we reschedule on you because of an emergency on our end that occurs you will receive “automatic credit” for that showing. This is applied at the end of your program so long as the number of reschedules on your or your friends/families end do not meet or exceed the number of reschedules on our end. This does not count towards any gifts or any deadlines and is only applied at the end of your program. For example, if you get to qualified showing number 11 and have never rescheduled on us and we have rescheduled on you, you will receive the rescheduled showing as your 12th qualified showing.

Why does the reschedules on your end count “against” you?

Whenever you book a showing and we send you a confirmation email confirming your appointment we have reserved a representative for you for that day and time. Our representatives rely on your showings to run so that they can work and receive income. We have an obligation to you to run the showing and you have an obligation to us to keep your appointment.

What are the exceptions to the “automatic credit” rule?

If there is inclement weather and it is unsafe for our representative to drive this will not count as a showing for you. If you were placed on standby (which is not a firm showing to begin with) and we are unable to cover your standby showing it will not count as a showing for you. If you decide to run the showing that was rescheduled by us on a later date the showing will not count as two showings it will only count as one. If the showing that we rescheduled on is found to not meet the qualifications and guidelines (i.e. 21-60, homeowner, couple, etc) it will not count as a showing for you.


Rainbow reserves the right to refuse a show or request a replacement show if it fails to meet any of the above qualifications. Please make sure your shows are qualified before scheduling. This is your responsibility. Any questionable circumstances will be left up to the discretion of our fully trained & fair representatives.

Always remember throughout your program that it is your responsibility to make sure that all of your showings are qualified, according to the guidelines stated here. If there is any discrepancies we always side with our fully trained and fair representatives. If our representatives feel unsafe in a situation they are allowed to refuse the showing. If they feel as if the situation does not meet Rainbow standards (rules 1-8) and do not feel that it is worth trying to see if they can sell the machine they are allowed to refuse the showing. If at any point they find out that the showing is not qualified they are required to tell the office and you will be asked to replace the showing.


No third party shows. All referrals must be family or personal friends. They must not have seen a demo in the last 5 years or currently own a Rainbow that is less than 8 years old.


Why don’t we show people we don’t know? Our customers are our advertisers, when we go into the homes with our amazing customers, we want them to know each other so it is not awkward for you or us. As our amazing advertiser, you are the best person to tell them all about everything you love about your Rainbow – if you do not know them, they will just think you are another sales person.


They must not have seen a demo in the last 5 years or currently own a rainbow that is less than 8 years old. Rainbow is amazing and lasts for 30 plus years, and not much has changed in a 5 year span.  If they didn’t keep a Rainbow at their first demo, the likelihood of them keeping it now is slim. There is an 8 year warranty on their Rainbow.


Referrals must speak, fully understand, and communicate in English. Must be US citizens with a social security number.

Why do we only show people who can speak and communicate fully in english?

We currently only have representatives that speak English. The biggest reason though is our paperwork is all in English.

Why do they have to be legal citizens with a social security number?

In order for people to be able to do the payment plan this is one of the main requirements to get approved.


No group shows. Must be shown in the home that they currently own and occupy. All demos must be full demos and all attachments must be demonstrated.

Why must my showings all be shown to my friends or family in the home that they occupy? Why can’t we have like a Rainbow party!?

This is so easy to understand! People are not moved to action by someone else’s dirt! If we show your friend the Rainbow in someone else’s home, your friend will believe that there’s no way that their home is that dirty!

Why do all attachments have to be shown?

It is only fair that we demonstrate all of the attachments for your friends and family to see how each attachment would benefit their home. Also it’s important for them to see everything they will get for free when they decide to do the program!


Must be couples. Married or living together and romantically involved. Both must attend and politely participate in show. Rude or discourteous situations will not qualify as a showing, this includes you (as the referring customer). At least one must be gainfully employed full-time (40+ hours) or comfortably retired with verifiable and legal income. Disability and unemployment will not count as verifiable income.

Why do we only show couples? They do not have to be “married” but they do have to live together and be “romantically” involved. Think about it, a single mom will want a Rainbow. But she is most likely a single income and may be an extra burden of expense on her. Most likely, she is the mom, the dad, the bus driver, soccer mom, cook, coach, etc. so she may not have time to do the show and tell program.


Why do we want both of them to attend and participate? Keeping a Rainbow is a big decision and most households make those decisions together. It would be unfair to show one spouse and the other not see it then when the one spouse wants it, most likely they will have to wait and talk it over with the spouse that did not see it. Shows are meant to be lots of fun and want both people there watching and interacting with each section of the show – you never know what part will be their favorite part.


Rude and Discourteous situations – every representative loves what they do and wants each show to be a fun and pleasant experience for everyone, including you. No one wants to hang out somewhere they are not wanted.


Why do we want at least one person employed (full-time – 40 plus hours) or comfortably retired with verifiable and legal income? Simple, we want to be sure they can pay for it. Example, one spouse is a stay at home Mom and the other spouse has a lawn care business – they would not have verifiable income in that household. Disability and unemployment does not count as a full time job.


Quality homes that are fully furnished. (No apartments, no duplexes, no dilapidated or neglected conditions, hoarders, no basement, no vans down by the river, no RV’s, no empty houses or homes decorated with lawn chairs and egg crates). No multi-family or “roommate” situations. Marketing territory is 60 minutes or 45 miles from our office (whichever is less). Check for ineligible areas.

Why do we want to show people who live in quality homes and what does that mean?

The Rainbow is the Mercedes of vacuums… it is simply the BEST there is. We do not want the Rainbow to be the nicest thing in the home. It does not have to be a mansion, but we do expect it to be cute, decorated and well maintained. Here are a few examples: The yard needs to be manicured, the blinds to do not need to be falling down and sheets hanging as curtains, There does not need to be any holes in the floor or trash piled up. We expect homes to be “lived in” and not a “model home,” but we do expect them to look like they care about their home.

Why do we not want to show people who live in apartments, duplexes, basements, etc?

In most of these types of situations people who rent do not care as much about the flooring and maintaining it because it is not their responsibility to replace it. You are allowed up to four renters on your program, however they need to be stand alone homes and it needs to appear as if they own it. The four renters you are allowed are in numerical order regardless of whether they purchase or not.

Do we show manufactured homes?

Yes, however in order for it to count towards your program the land and home must be deeded to the same occupant. It must also be in great condition, and it must abide by the quality home qualification.


Homeowners only.* Both people must be between the ages of 21-60 (don’t cheat, we check public records!). Manufactured homes & land must be deeded to occupant. Homeowner is defined as titled owner.

Why do we want homeowners only?

Simple…in most cases, renters are in temporary living situations and it is not their responsibility to maintain the flooring in the home.

Why do we want to show people between the ages of 21-60?

People under the age of 21 usually are not financially stable or they are in the process of establishing their credit. Also, sometimes people this young are not interested in this type of investment. People over the age of 60, we will certainly go and see them, but they usually do not take us to their friends or family. Remember our business depends on those family and friend referrals.

If my friend or family member lives in a manufactured home, why does the home and the land have to be deeded to them for the showing to count towards my program?

The way that we define someone who lives in a manufactured home as a homeowner they must own both the land and the manufactured home just like someone who owns a house.

How long is a Rainbow presentation?

It really does depend on your friends! As a general rule, it takes about 1.5 hours to show you everything the Rainbow can do. Planning on days/nights your friends/family are in for the evening or do not have pressing plans to attend is best, so they are not rushing out for another planned engagement. Sometimes, it can last longer if the customer has questions or decides to keep the Rainbow for a healthier lifestyle. Our best recommendation is to plan for 2.5 – 3 hrs just to be safe. We have discovered that friends love to talk with one another, and it becomes a lot of socializing which we too, enjoy!

When will I receive the gifts that I have requested?

Once you have submitted your gift request online, you will receive an email from the gift department in response to your request within 7 business days. Once you receive this email you may come to your local office to pick up your gifts during business hours. You may also request that a representative deliver the gifts to your subsequent shows. If the representative is able to provide service for you, they will be glad to assist!