Show The Bow

Quality homes that are fully furnished. (No apartments, no duplexes, no dilapidated or neglected conditions, hoarders, no basement, no vans down by the river, no RV’s, no empty houses or homes decorated with lawn chairs and egg crates). No multi-family or “roommate” situations. Marketing territory is 60 minutes or 45 miles from our office (whichever is less). Check for ineligible areas.

Why do we want to show people who live in quality homes and what does that mean?

The Rainbow is the Mercedes of vacuums… it is simply the BEST there is. We do not want the Rainbow to be the nicest thing in the home. It does not have to be a mansion, but we do expect it to be cute, decorated and well maintained. Here are a few examples: The yard needs to be manicured, the blinds to do not need to be falling down and sheets hanging as curtains, There does not need to be any holes in the floor or trash piled up. We expect homes to be “lived in” and not a “model home,” but we do expect them to look like they care about their home.

Why do we not want to show people who live in apartments, duplexes, basements, etc?

In most of these types of situations people who rent do not care as much about the flooring and maintaining it because it is not their responsibility to replace it. You are allowed up to four renters on your program, however they need to be stand alone homes and it needs to appear as if they own it. The four renters you are allowed are in numerical order regardless of whether they purchase or not.

Do we show manufactured homes?

Yes, however in order for it to count towards your program the land and home must be deeded to the same occupant. It must also be in great condition, and it must abide by the quality home qualification.