Show The Bow

Rainbow reserves the right to refuse a show or request a replacement show if it fails to meet any of the above qualifications. Please make sure your shows are qualified before scheduling. This is your responsibility. Any questionable circumstances will be left up to the discretion of our fully trained & fair representatives.

Always remember throughout your program that it is your responsibility to make sure that all of your showings are qualified, according to the guidelines stated here. If there is any discrepancies we always side with our fully trained and fair representatives. If our representatives feel unsafe in a situation they are allowed to refuse the showing. If they feel as if the situation does not meet Rainbow standards (rules 1-8) and do not feel that it is worth trying to see if they can sell the machine they are allowed to refuse the showing. If at any point they find out that the showing is not qualified they are required to tell the office and you will be asked to replace the showing.