Show The Bow

Must be couples. Married or living together and romantically involved. Both must attend and politely participate in show. Rude or discourteous situations will not qualify as a showing, this includes you (as the referring customer). At least one must be gainfully employed full-time (40+ hours) or comfortably retired with verifiable and legal income. Disability and unemployment will not count as verifiable income.

Why do we only show couples? They do not have to be “married” but they do have to live together and be “romantically” involved. Think about it, a single mom will want a Rainbow. But she is most likely a single income and may be an extra burden of expense on her. Most likely, she is the mom, the dad, the bus driver, soccer mom, cook, coach, etc. so she may not have time to do the show and tell program.


Why do we want both of them to attend and participate? Keeping a Rainbow is a big decision and most households make those decisions together. It would be unfair to show one spouse and the other not see it then when the one spouse wants it, most likely they will have to wait and talk it over with the spouse that did not see it. Shows are meant to be lots of fun and want both people there watching and interacting with each section of the show – you never know what part will be their favorite part.


Rude and Discourteous situations – every representative loves what they do and wants each show to be a fun and pleasant experience for everyone, including you. No one wants to hang out somewhere they are not wanted.


Why do we want at least one person employed (full-time – 40 plus hours) or comfortably retired with verifiable and legal income? Simple, we want to be sure they can pay for it. Example, one spouse is a stay at home Mom and the other spouse has a lawn care business – they would not have verifiable income in that household. Disability and unemployment does not count as a full time job.