Show The Bow

Homeowners only.* Both people must be between the ages of 21-60 (don’t cheat, we check public records!). Manufactured homes & land must be deeded to occupant. Homeowner is defined as titled owner.

Why do we want homeowners only?

Simple…in most cases, renters are in temporary living situations and it is not their responsibility to maintain the flooring in the home.

Why do we want to show people between the ages of 21-60?

People under the age of 21 usually are not financially stable or they are in the process of establishing their credit. Also, sometimes people this young are not interested in this type of investment. People over the age of 60, we will certainly go and see them, but they usually do not take us to their friends or family. Remember our business depends on those family and friend referrals.

If my friend or family member lives in a manufactured home, why does the home and the land have to be deeded to them for the showing to count towards my program?

The way that we define someone who lives in a manufactured home as a homeowner they must own both the land and the manufactured home just like someone who owns a house.