Don't believe us...believe them!
  • We fininished our show was not as bad as i thought nothing like a Free Rainbow Thank you all again such a nice group of Friends

    Wayne Edwards

  • “We enjoy having the Rainbow in our home, it has served as great air purifier, vaporizer and so many more functions. I love how easy it is to use and the effectiveness of the machine. The clean and fresh has helped with my husband sinuses and snoring. We have finally finished our shows and earned the Rainbow for free. I am grateful for the staff at the Watkinsville office and special thanks for Kevin and his wife Tasha Lattimore you guys ROCK!!!!!! Special shout out to Cory Cox, James and Latesha Abrams. Thanks so much Von Brown”

    Von Brown

  • Rainbow was one of the best gift that enter into our life. My family and I LOVE the Rainbow system. It completely cleans are maintain my house. Couldn’t believe it but the Rainbow saved my carpet. We have two boys that suffers from various allergies, asthma and daily nose bleeds. Since March 2018 when the Rainbow system joined our family I can say, “NO MORE nose bleeds,” goodbye weekly asthma and allergy shoots. Our family is healthier than before. We had save hundreds by eliminating our asthma and allergy medications, asthmas shoots, and weekly co-pays expenses. Finally, another blessing, we were able to EARNED it for FREE. The program was amazing, not only did you meet incredible dealers (Jon, Wesley, Tara, Jessica, etc,), but you work will an amazing team of women that guide you through out the program. These women want you to succeed in completing your program. These amazing women first became our friends then our family, Shelby and Rachel, we love you, girl. Thank you very much. Vanessa and Gabriel

    Vanessa St. Louis

  • Absolutely love our rainbow and getting it for free is the best part… Our house stays so much cleaner now just from running the rainbow on low all the time, it really cut the dusting in half. Highly recommend a rainbow for everyone!

    Trista Wilson

  • What a wonderful product to have in your home or business. I’m so glad that I decided to do “a friend a favor” and be exposed to this amazing product! The air in our home is much lighter and cleaner and I also appreciate all the different functions that it does, too! This truly was a great opportunity for my husband and I to be involved in and we enjoyed it so very much.This is a giving company and I want to thank you for offering this to anyone. I’m so glad that we completed our program. Oh what a feeling!

    Tricia Desir

  • “We worked together as a team and earned our Rainbow System for FREE+
    A Rainbow system is earned in 3 Steps and we completed the entire process in 127 days instead of 180 days 🙂 🙂 🙂
    The quality of air in our home has always been a huge concern due to the fact that my son suffered from bad annual sinus infections which required antibiotics and daily allergy medication. Since we received the rainbow we have been able to cut back on the daily allergy medication to high pollen season only and no more sinus infections. The rainbow is definitely a proven complete commercial grade cleaning system for our home. How did we ever live without it!!! Finished the program and will continue to recommend the Rainbow Cleaning System to friends and family. Single or Married, everyone needs a Rainbow.”

    Tracy & Monica Mize

  • I am so in love with my Rainbow and was able to earn it absolutely FREE by doing the show and tell program! I love the way it constantly purifies the air in my whole house and how simple it has made cleaning. If you’re on the fence about Rainbow, just take the jump! You won’t regret it!!

    Tracie Morgan

  • I am so in love with my Rainbow and even more in love that I got it FREE! I was definitely worried about doing 12 shows and having someone purchase but it was SO EASY! In my first 3 shows, I had 2 keep the Rainbow and the other gave me 2 names to have a demo! I actually enjoyed the demos and learned something new at each one!

    Traci Gregory

  • We have LOVED our rainbow and all the attachments. It has made our home much cleaner with having to clean less! We enjoyed our program to where we earned ours free as well as other great incentives. I use my rainbow for all my cleaning now!

    Tracey Standridge

  • Getting the email stating “YOU DID IT” “YOU DID IT” was music to my ears!!! I have LOVED my Rainbow for 25 years and ABSOLUTELY LOVE my new model even more than ever:) The Show & Tell program wasn’t as difficult as I envisioned because the Rainbow definitely sells itself!! All of the demonstrators and staff were awesome to work with and made it a lot easier:) My bonus commission check was the icing on the cake for my holiday season shopping!! Thank you, Rainbow!!!

    Tommi Brooks

  • I am so happy to have my rainbow, I use it every single day. It has been great for my husband while he has been sick as well helping him breath better. Our home just feels so much different since we purchased the rainbow the air quality is so much better and I hardly ever have to dust anymore !!! It’s just been great !!!

    Tina Ferguson

  • We love our Rainbow!! Thank you Zach for being our dealer and answering questions and to the Pickens office!! You guys Rock!!

    Tiffany Higgins

  • What can we say but wow this was an awesome experience. The rainbow family and yes the word family definitely fits the rainbow brand, was fantastic during this whole show-and-tell process. The representatives are awesome and really help to make this process seamless. Because this product sells itself it was very easy for us to invite others along on this rainbow Journey with us. All of the individuals who were invited to view the rainbow products loved then and those who have purchased have been enjoying the rainbow experience. What a great way to Market a great product and to allow us to be able to get a rainbow by sharing this product with those in our lives who could benefit greatly from the product that we so enjoy. Just want to give a big shout-out to the Midlands team for being so awesome, professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

    Terri Ryant and Leroy Bennett

  • I have loved my experience with Rainbow. Not only is it an amazing product it is a group of people that are a family and treat you as such as well.

    Tara Moore

  • Love, love, LOVE my rainbow! And have completed the program as well!! The folks at the Clermont office have been so awesome to deal with!

    Suzanne Vanderpool

  • We have been very impressed with our rainbow! The entire staff at Pickens Rainbow have been very professional and great to work with. Thanks Mike & Suzanne Jones

    Suzanne Jones

  • We absolutely LOVE our Rainbow and what we love even more was the fact that we were able to earn it for FREE! We wanted a Rainbow for at least 25 years but were never able to take the plunge to purchase it. When we were asked to do a demo, we just knew we would be disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to get one. The demo was fantastic and when we heard about the show and tell program, we were so excited to not just earn a Rainbow for free, but were able to tell our friends and family about this awesome product! We learned something new at each show and the incentives along the way kept us motivated and allowed us to earn some amazing products! We LOVE our Rainbow now and we know that we will be loving it 25 years from now!

    Susan Smith

  • I absolutely love my Rainbow. Not going to lie I had no intentions on purchasing a Rainbow when my show ran. But it is a amazing product and I love it! I also now work for Rainbow because I believe in the product and want everyone to have the opportunity to have one for themselves!

    Sunshine Hicks

  • We love our rainbow and are so excited we got the chance to earn it for free with the show and tell program. The rainbow has greatly improved the air quality of our house and I genuinely love cleaning with our rainbow! And a plus is the scents make our house smell so good! You seriously can’t go wrong with a rainbow!

    Sunny Covar

  • The rainbow I grew up with was great but the rainbow that we now have is amazing. My oldest no longer takes two adult doses of allergy medicine a day for his dust mite allergy and we can definitely tell if it has been turned off (thanks to a toddler who loves buttons) for more than an hour or so.

    Sunni McCulley

  • Thank you Rainbow for letting me get my Rainbow for free!!! My husband and I were worried we couldn’t do it, but we did!!! It was so easy to complete the program, and gave us a reason to spend a little extra time with our friends! We love our Rainbow and feel much better knowing it’s purifying our air daily! Thanks again to our Rainbow friends for giving us this opportunity!!! WE DID IT!!!

    Stephanie Moss

  • We had no intention of buying anything when we agreed to do a demo for our friend’s sister. Of course we changed our minds when we saw how dirty our house really was during the demo! We did the show and tell program and got our rainbow for free! The shows were so fun and I learned something new about the rainbow at every show! We had no issues with the company or program; as long as you follow the guidelines, it’s pretty easy to get your money back. We use our rainbow all the time and it still amazes me how cleaner our house feels!

    Stephanie Kern

  • We absolutely love our rainbow! We had a great experience with the show and tell program. All of our reps were great and very helpful! Thanks Rainbow for helping us earn our rainbow for free!!

    Stephanie Brackett

  • We we’re doing a demo for some friends to help them out with our shows, little did we know we would HAVE to have one once we saw the demo. It has made a huge difference in our home since we have had it. We wish we had this when our son was younger that is how beneficial it is! We are also thankful for the opportunity to complete the program as we have earned so much! We love our Rainbow!!

    Stephanie Auton

  • After just recently having completed the referral program, I can honestly say that I have absolutely enjoyed every moment of this experience. I am so excited to have not only earned my Rainbow, but all of the awesome attachments that can be used with it, from the mop to the carpet shampooer to the car care kit… it really is a fantastic home cleaning system. Not a day goes by that I am not using my Rainbow in one way or another. After owning one for a few months now, I know what a great investment it is and I can totally justify the price tag – it’s absolutely worth every penny. Getting one for free is even better though! I highly recommend doing the referral program – It was a lot of fun and super easy to knock out. Jon and Jess are amazing and so much fun to team up with. It is also a really great way to learn how to fully utilize every aspect of your Rainbow – I learned something new at each and every show! Plus there are so many incentives along the way, it just did not make sense NOT to do the program. I am so thankful for this opportunity and I look forward to using my Rainbow for the next 30+ years! 🙂

    Stacy Fournier

  • We recently finished our rainbow program, and had so much fun through all of it! Each team member was always there to help when we needed it, and made everything hassle free. We always received our gifts and rewards in a timely manner too. I 10/10 recommend jumping on the rainbow train, especially if you can earn it for free, like me!

    Shyanne Bailey

  • Having a rainbow come into my house and my life has truly turned my feelings about cleaning around! It feels great to have the right tools to make clean much more worth it. Since having rainbow I tell all my friends about it and I’ve even decided to join the rainbow team bc I feel so positive about this product!

    Shuntea Hill

  • So, there I was…. HATING the idea of a Rainbow rep. Entering my home to sell me a machine… now, here I am, with a FREE one! Rainbow is definitely worth it! My home has never been cleaner! If you have ever questioned rainbow, I urge you to take a couple of hours and get to know the program, the reps and the product. You won’t be sorry!

    Shenna Dover

  • Sooo..me and my husband became apart of the Rainbow family mid May 2020, my friend and a Rep named Tiffany came to our house to do a demo…even before she arrived I told her that I can’t keep it but I would definitely do her a favor…well fast forward..as the show was ending, I told my husband that we just couldn’t afford it right now. We had just bought brand new furniture and well that took our extra money. So we decided to do the program. Throughout our program we had the opportunity to meet a handful of AWESOME Reps, just to name a few, Tiffany, Wesley, Samuel, James. They were all so helpful with answering all the questions my clients had. The rainbow has changed our life, we don’t have anymore allergies, and we’ve saved a ton on meds. We love coming home to a home that smells clean and calming. The fresh air scent is my new favorite. Even though I’m done with my program, I will continue to promote this awesome machine.!!! Southeast Rainbow ROCKS.!!!

    Shatwana D Traynor

  • I absolutely love my rainbow. I was a little nervous about getting someone to buy a rainbow in the 12 shows but it was extremely easy and they do all the work! The rainbow has help the air quality in my house so much! You can’t go wrong with buying one.

    Shannon Chavis

  • I can’t say enough wonderful things about my Rainbow. I use it daily!! The air quality is so much better in out home now and now that we have the perfect tools to clean it makes life so much easier!! I have enjoyed working with each representative! Rachel always went above and beyond to help me with any questions that I had along the way!! You guys are awesome!!

    Shana Walden

  • Y’all, please do yourself a favor and own a rainbow. I don’t know how I managed to get by cleaning my house without it. My husband and kids all love it as well. This thing is absolutely amazing. The 6 month program was so easy even with COVID-19 we were still able to get 12 shows in. The reps are some of the sweetest people and are never pushy. Everyone should own a rainbow!!

    Shana Miller

  • Rainbow, thank you so much! Since getting our rainbow back in November, I have felt like my house is so much cleaner and safer for my family. My little ones are constantly making messes, of course, however it is so much easier to deal with those messes now. My favorite is how I can unclog my drains using the blower side. I have long hair and shed so much, so yes, things get clogged easily around here! I can proudly say I have officially earned my Rainbow…for….FREE. The 12 show program is an awesome program to get this miraculous machine at no cost. I can’t believe how easy it was for me to get those 12 shows, especially if i offered to bring dinner! Thank you again Rainbow! Im shooting for that 13th show!!!

    Shaina Phillips

  • We LOVE our rainbow! It has been a lifesaver for the past 8 months, it’s helped us keep our house much cleaner. With a 2 year old running around I’ve noticed a huge difference in the less amount of dust, dirt and cleaner air. We just finished our program and are happy to be receiving our check! 🌈

    Sarah Renee Barnhart

  • “My sister asked me to do a show for her in October 2018 and to be completely honest I had no idea what the rainbow was and I didn’t really want to do the show but I thought since I got a free 2 night vacation that it couldn’t be that bad, so we gave it a shot and my husband sure didn’t want to be here but once our rep got here and presented the rainbow cleaning system and showed us everything it did, we fell in love with it and my husband ultimately had to have it, we have 2 children at the time our daughter was 18 months old and our son was 5 months old and we loved the health benefits it has for children keeping the air clean and helping with allergies which both of our children suffer from severely, we live right next to a hay field and every time they cut they hay our children get sick even when we stay inside, the rainbow has really made a difference in our allergy problems. Having two babies in diapers makes cleaning for me a challenge and the rainbow broom has been such a blessing just having to sweep over the dirt and it getting trapped in the water instead of just relocating on the floor and air and not having to go behind and using a dust pan is such a plus! The rainbow cleans the air which leaves behind less dust in our home and I don’t have to dust as often which is also much easier to do with the rainbow. The best part is that we were able to do the 12 shows and earn our system for free and we have gotten so many extras from being a part of this program. We have gotten two 7 night, 8 day vacations, two 2 night, 3 day cruises to the Caribbean, our 2 night, 3 day vacation, we have earned 5 rainmate humidifiers, and a free tablet or smart watch when we went to a meet and greet. Definitely would do it again!!”

    Sarah Deaver

  • “We have enjoyed our Rainbow over the last 8 months. Getting 12 friends wasn’t as hard as we thought, and the Rainbow doesn’t need any help convincing anyone to buy. We had fun and made friends along the way
    Thanks Rainbow!”

    Sarah Davis

  • Best decision we ever made was to purchase our Rainbow Air Purifier! And then to learn we could actually get it for free was AMAZING. I’ll be honest I was a little nervous about selling 2 units in 12 shows but In the first 3 shows my 2 units were sold. I went on to sell several more because once you see how amazing they really are they sell themselves. Our Rainbow has decreased our dust by at least 80% .Our return air filters are only being changed every 3-4 months and still aren’t covered in dust rather than every month. My husband has been able to stop his allergy meds completely. THE AIR QUALITY IS SO CLEAN ITS AMAZING! I could go on and on but to sum it up I LOVE MY RAINBOW!

    Sandra Munsey

  • I love my Rainbow. The endless gifts were an awesome incentive that I gladly took advantage of. I can’t wait to use all my attachments for a full house deep cleaning 😊

    Rochelle Gibson

  • This machine is absolutely wonderful! My family does not suffer from allergies like we use to and my house always smells wonderful. I am very happy with my purchase and will never own anything but a rainbow from here on out!

    Renee Lunsford

  • The rainbow is great! It has really made a difference with my husband’s allergies.

    Rebekah Ford

  • “I love my Rainbow Vacuum!! I love how clean my house feels from using the air purifier and the vacuum!!! I was able to finish my 12 show program. I loved working with the reps they were all so nice!!
    I know I will continue to enjoy my rainbow for many years!!!”

    Rebecca Matthews

  • Wow is all I can say. It was a long six months. Abbie was my cheerleader the entire time. I absolutely love my rainbow and had I not received my check it would still be worth it. So many times I wanted to quit because people were canceling shows or not interested. But every time I wanted to quit Abbie spoke words of life into me and reminded me why I did it. I am forever grateful to Rainbow for the product and the opportunity. I have been blessed indeed.

    Rebecca Fort

  • The rainbow is the best thing since sliced bread. I love my rainbow and it makes having dogs inside of the house 10x easier. Its so satisfying to see what the rainbow has picked up!

    Randi Ray

  • We finished our program and are excited to receive our check! We LOVE our Rainbow! I can tell the difference in how clean our air was! I will forever tell people to by the Rainbow. It’s the ONLY vaccuum/air purifier I’ll ever own!

    Rachel Smith

  • Thank you Rainbow for this wonderful all-in-one BEAST! Our Rainbow has been purifying/cleaning our air since the day we purchased. With the help of our family and friends, we have successfully completed the show-n-tell program! Along the way we have earned many great rewards!

    Rachel & Michael Brewington

  • I have never loved a vacuum so much in my life. Not to mention the amazing attachments and gifts you receive along the way. who on earth wouldn’t want to earn a free vacuum, vacations, and gifts/Supplies! Thank you rainbow for the amazing opportunity and i also want to add…….I’mno-done YET……#13,HERE I COME!

    Rachel Johnson

  • We really enjoy having a Rainbow in hour home. The Rainbow program has been an amazing experience. Our rainbow is very valuable to my family in keeping our home air clean and crisp. Thank you to the rainbow family for helping us through the program and bringing rainbow into our lives.

    Preston Graham

  • Hi I’m page , I completed all of my shows within a month, & I love my rainbow!! Dog puke, kid puke , you name it does it!

    Page West

  • I was like most everyone and agreed to let a friend show us the Rainbow to help her earn hers for free. Also like others, I let it be know in the very beginning to her that we didn’t mind helping but if she needed someone to purchase it, she didn’t need to waste her time. So about 40 shows later, I’ve received my check, vacation, attachments and everything I was promised in the beginning. Did you say 40 SHOWS?!? Yes I did! We would have received out check and 12th show attachments sooner if I just focused on completing our program and that was it. Instead I saw the changes my friends and family had in their health and lives and I made the best decision I’ve made to date. I left a job where I hated where I was and what I was doing, went through the RUSH training program and now enjoy what I do for a living and take pride in knowing I am apart of changing people lives. Another bonus is that I’m working a fraction of the time I had been, spending more time with my family, and sleeping with comfort, not only because my Rainbow helps me do that, but also because I am doing something that makes my heart feel good!

    Nick Boone Garner

  • We absolutely love our Rainbow! My husband and I were determined to just help a friend and not purchase, but after we saw how amazing it was and the fact that we could do the program to get it for free, we went for it! After completing our 12 shows in 6 months, we got our check in the mail today to get it for free! The program really does pay off! I also had a lot of fun visiting family and friends! Rainbow has made such a difference in our lives and how we clean. I’ll never go back to the old way!

    Monica Bickford

  • I just finished my program and I’m so excited to have my rainbow paid off that I EARNED! Just by taking them to show my friends!!! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to earn such a wonderful home cleaning system that has changed things in our house so much. I feel so much better knowing that the air is purified in our home and floors are clean for our baby. Thank you to all of the wonderful sales reps that have helped me along my journey. Thanks so much to Cain and Abbie for making it happen! Everyone at rainbow was so helpful and wonderful through my whole process. Thanks everyone! To everyone going through their program, keep pushing!! You can do it! And it’s so worth it!!!

    Miranda Dover

  • I am happy that I got the opportunity to experience this amazing rainbow. I had never heard of rainbow before. I love the air purifier, it help me to sleep better. It help me with my sinus . I am not congested when I wake up in the morning. I love my vacuum also my shampoo. It is amazing to see how well it keep my hardwood floor and my carpet clean . I love this product and I will recommend it to my family and friends.
    Thank you very much for my rainbow.

    Minnie R Hammett

  • We completed our program in a little over 6 months. It was a great program and we are so thankful we got the opportunity do it. Won plenty of free stuff throughout the program. Totally worth it!! All the staff were great and the people who hosted the showings we at acceptable paces which made it easy for the people they were showing it to, to watch! Thank you Rainbow!

    Meredith Witt

  • Best decision we ever made! We absolutely LOVE our rainbow!!!!

    Melinda Stewart

  • So pleased with our rainbow! Blessed to have this opportunity to have a cleaner life. The experience has been pleasant and have recieved wonderful care during the process. Thanks again!

    Melina Kramer

  • We finished our program and finally got that sweet reward in the mail! We are loving our rainbow! I tell people all the time though “had I not finished the program, purchasing the rainbow still would’ve been worth the investment for my family to have cleaner air!”

    Megan Stapleton

  • My rainbow has been great for my health, home, and business. The rainbow does a great job and I am excited to be able to use this product for a long time to come.

    Mary E Watson

  • “We absolutely love my Rainbow!!!! 2nd generation to own one. If you want the best, Rainbow is hands down winner! Mark & Linda Moore
    December 18, 2018”

    Mark Moore

  • My journey with Rainbow has been fun from start to finish! I got so many gifts and rewards Through my process plus I got to hang out with my friends when we did the rainbow shows. The shows were so much fun and the sales representatives were professional and lots of fun to hang out with. I would recommend anyone who wants to get a rainbow vacuum to definitely work the program! It was worth every moment.

    Marcy Ford

  • I have had my Rainbow for a year and a half and still love it. I was able to finish the program with ease. Most of my family and friends wanted to help my finish the program and made it possible to watching a demo. Every time I participate, it gave me the opportunity to learn something new and I got to hang out with my friends in the mean time. I would do it again. I am thankful for the program and would not have been able to get the Rainbow without the program.

    Maggie Cathcart

  • I had a fun time doing the rainbow showings! Every rep i had was so fun and welcoming. The vacuum is amazing and does wonders! Excited I was apart of the program!

    Macy Atkins

  • We had an absolute blast doing all of the shows with all of these awesome people. They bent over backwards to help us during this time and even helped us earn extra goodies. We actually ended up becoming friends with a couple of the people from their team. I was impressed with their knowledge, work ethic, and ability to be personable. We never dreaded the shows. We always thought the shows were fun. We highly recommend doing the program!

    Logan and Tori Gibson

  • I absolutely love my Rainbow! The show and tell program has been great and I’m so excited that I’ve earned my system for free! I’ll forever recommend Rainbow to my friends And family. And I plan to continue showing and telling even though my program is complete! 🌈

    Lesley A Hensley

  • I am in love with my rainbow! I was able to complete the show and tell program and earn mine for free. If It wasn’t for the program I would not be able to have my rainbow. At first I was worried about not being able to finish the show and tell program but after doing it I was glad I did and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

    Leighanna Waddell

  • I have had my Rainbow for 8 months, we love our Rainbow. It has helped so much with my allergies. So glad we made the purchase and got it for free, through the Show and Tell program.

    Lauren Black-Venegas

  • We absolutely love our Rainbow! Although I was concerned about getting 12 couples for our show and tell program, it ended up being easier than I thought. My husband and I enjoyed doing our shows together just to see the reaction of our family and friends. The Rainbow honestly sells itself, and we feel it was worth every show.

    Latara Harper

  • I did not realize how unclean my home was until I was introduced to the Rainbow! Now the floors feel nicer, the air smells so much more crisp, and I feel like I have so much more time to do things than just cleaning! It cuts cleaning time and how often you have to clean in at least HALF! I am so grateful I had the opportunity to earn mine for FREE! Thanks Rainbow!

    Lacey Devine

  • What a great expierience we have had with the Rainbow team! Like many, we originally agreed to watch a demo to help a friend out. It didn’t take long for us to know that we had to keep one! We had a lot of fun doing the shows and visiting with our fiends and the other Rainbow team members. It was a great time of fellowship with friends. Many of them agreed that the Rainbow system was too good not to
    keep. We had great reps that conducted the shows. They were always very nice and respectful. We are thankful for our Rainbow expierence, and most thankful that we were able to earn ours for free!! Thanks Rainbow!

    Kyle Powers

  • We love our Rainbow. Getting 13 friends and family wasn’t too hard, . The Rainbow sales itself. I’m excited for our check and mega bonus! Thanks Rainbow!

    Kristin Farr

  • We absolutely LOVE our Rainbow! It is a fantastic product and we love everything about it! We have recently completed our program and are excited to receive our gifts and the check!

    Kristi Dorsey

  • My husband and I watched our rainbow demonstration for a friend. We had no intentions of purchasing anything and put off the demonstration as long as we could. We loved the rainbow for many reasons and after completing our program we like it even more. Through doing the 12 shows we were reminded of things we forgot about our rainbow or learned more about the amazing benefits of it. We couldn’t recommend it more!

    Kristal Tribble

  • Shows were great and rainbow never cancelled an appointment on us. We absolutely love our rainbow more than we ever thought we would. Now we don’t know what we ever did without it.

    Kourtney Farrow

  • Rainbow is by far the highest quality cleaning product I have ever used. Having the capability to earn this product for free was a game changer for my family. The shows were doable and very fun! I have seen huge differences in the cleanliness of my home and my own urge to clean, using my Rainbow is just so satisfying! I would recommend this product to any and everyone! If you are on the fence of considering a Rainbow for your home I can assure you that you will not regret your decision!

    Korey Stone

  • Absolutely love my rainbow,best investment I’ve made for my home and family. Even my kids get in on cleaning now. I use it every single day.

    Kirstie Fletcher

  • We love our Rainbow so much! We use it to clean the whole house! What a great opportunity!

    Kim Sanders

  • “I completed 12 Shows!! A HUGE ‘Thank you’ to Abbie, Cain and all of the Reps! I couldn’t have done it all with out Abbie and all of her help, guidance and cheerleading to help in keeping me motivated!! As for the product, the whole Rainbow system has saved me more times than I can count! With a human child, our own dogs and the foster German “”Shedders”” Shepherds, I am able to clean up messes better than ever! When we had plumbing issues, i was able to get all water up quickly and that prevented unwanted home repairs. Next will be that 13th showsell!!”

    Kim Ratliff

  • We absolutely love our rainbow and how clean our home feels after using it. It feels even better to have gotten such an amazing purifier for free. I think if it wasn’t for Michael Roebuck our dealer and all his support throughout the program I wouldn’t have been able to finish. If you are going through the program I strongly suggest asking for him to be your dealer for your friends and family. Thank you again for bringing Rainbow into our lives Michael!

    Kelsey Hudgins

  • I fell in love with the Rainbow right off the bat!! I had to have it! The program was not hard and we earned ours for free!! I couldn’t imagine not having it now!!

    Kelly Crowder

  • We love our Rainbow so much! It has made a huge difference in our home and it makes me enjoy cleaning! My husband even just got kitted since we love it so much!

    Kelli Cooley

  • So happy with this program and our ability to have a flexible schedule to make some $$! Great people, great company!

    Katie Lusk

  • When we first watched a Demo we had decided before our friends arrived that no matter what the “sales guy” said we were NOT buying this. We said no matter what…. but Boy, were we wrong. We were immediately impressed and I fell in love. We purchased our Rainbow in August and were complete with our show and tell program by October. Though I was hesitant and concerned at first, the program was fun and easy. I recommend the show and tell program to any and all. It is such a good opportunity to catch up with old friends and give them the opportunity of a better living environment. We are so thankful for our Rainbow!

    Katie Archer

  • I love my rainbow! The air filtering alone is worth it all but it is the best vacuum ever. And I earned it free through the show and tell program. I was afraid I couldn’t sell 2 but I wound up selling 6! Of course it sells itself!!

    Kathy Lynn Price

  • When we were asked to have a show for our friends I immediately “yes, but I’m not buying”! I was amazed at what the rainbow pulled from my rug. I had purchased the rug 5 months prior and vacuumed weekly. I thought how could I not purchase this! The program was so easy because the rainbown will truly sell its self. I had 5 shows done the first week of my program and completed the program in just under 6 months. I couldn’t imagine cleaning with anything else now. I love my rainbow!

    Karen Flores

  • We have had our rainbow about 6 months and have noticed improvements in our air. The attachments are easy to use and work very well. We are thankful that we had the opportunity to earn it for free! All of the staff have been very helpful anytime we had questions.

    Kacy Morgan

  • Love my Rainbow! Thought the program would be hard to complete but ended up being easy. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Justin Williams

  • For the last 3 months, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Rainbow. I thought showing the Rainbow to 12 friends and family members would be tough but my husband and I teamed up and got it done in about 30 days. The Rainbow is such a wonderful air purifier and cleaning system is virtually sold itself. Now, all of our shows qualified and our Rainbow is “FREE”! Free is always good. Thank you to Midlands Team!

    Joyce Conyers

  • We bought our rainbow a little over 5 months ago and we love it! I did the 12 friend program and completed it. I am excited about my Rainbow! Thanks y’all

    Johnna putnam

  • I would like to thank Rainbow for the New Rainbow. This is actually my second Rainbow I have owned and I loved it in early 1980s and even more now. It does so much just one machine and it does all your cleaning such as cleans your air ,sweeps, mops , dust, and even helps with pet hair on my dog and so much more. I am so thankful for this opportunity to work and get my Rainbow free. I did not have a bad experience all through the process. I had wonderful Demo instructors and they were so professional and great with their job. Thank you Rainbow Family.

    Joann E. Shults

  • We absolutely love our rainbow! It has changed the cleaning process of home completely. We don’t dread to clean anymore, we actually love to grab our rainbow and clean! It is a great investment for anyone that has any cleaning to do! It does everything that the sales rep tells you! Thank you rainbow for a great experience!

    Jessica Maffett

  • We LOVE our rainbow! From the moment I saw how it worked I knew that I had to have it. I was so thankful that you can earn your rainbow through the show and tell program. Now it is a bit of work, but most of the time it is a lot of fun, too. ANNDDDD I learned so much about my product through listening to the program so many times. All the reps were super nice. We will greatly love our rainbow for many years to come!!! So glad to have it!

    Jessica Loveland

  • The day I got my Rainbow, I was up all night with worry. “How am I gonna pay for this?” “What if I don’t get enough shows?” “$3000 for a vacuum, I’m a bloomin idiot.”. Then daylight came and so did the determination. I knocked out my 1st six shows without difficulty. I took a little break before I started back. I had a bit of trouble getting the last few shows booked, but then everything just fell into place. I had a suspicion that my “12th show” couple would buy so I wanted to find another show to be my 12th. I did just that. By the time I was finished, not only did I complete my 12 shows (with plenty of time to spare) but I also got a sale on #13, which means I am $1455 richer!! I sold a total of 5 on my program. It isn’t hard. Rainbow sells itself! Btw, in case you are wondering, I’m still loving my Rainbow! 🙂

    Jessica Lawson

  • My wife fell in love with the cleaning capabilities of the Rainbow and I love quality and the fact that it will last forever! I must admit that I was very sceptical of the program and was sure that the companywould work against. I realized after a few demos that that was wrong. Every employee was not only professional but kind and genuinely cared about helping us complete our program. I can’t brag enough especially about Rob Shook who went above and beyond to answer every question and help us get out Rainbow for FREE!!!!

    Jeremy Pearson

  • I enjoy using my Rainbow and Rainmate. Love the fact that the Rainbow has different attachments that clean different things. The monthly incentives were very rewarding. Met a lot of new friends and even sold a lot of Rainbows . Mega bonus was a Mega bonus. Thanks Rainbow family for the great experiences.

    Jennifer Wright

  • “We LOVE our Rainbow. I absolutely love cleaning with it and the fact that I can make it look brand new again after each use (which I could never do with our old vacuum, carpet cleaner, OR spot cleaner). The air purification is also awesome. Our house smells so good (even with 3 indoor dogs) and I no longer have to take daily allergy medicines. Alyssa’s favorite thing is seeing the bowl full of dirt and hair that it removes with every use. Doing the program was really great, because it gave us an excuse to hang out with friends and we felt like we knew so much more about all the things the Rainbow does by participating in the shows. Extra bonus: The Rainbow dealers are really cool.”

    Jennifer Castleberry and Alyssa Ferguson

  • We have had THE BEST experience with Rainbow!! Not only does Rainbow have AMAZING products, but the program is phenomenal and the people are topnotch. I highly recommend Rainbow!!

    Jean Phillips

  • This is our 2nd Rainbow! Our 1st Rainbow lasted 20 wonderful years!! We love our Rainbow and all of its attachments. I was able to complete the program and had 12 qualified shows!! 7 out of the 12 purchased!!

    Janice B Cleveland

  • I have Asthma and a ton of allergies, My Rainbow air purifier has made my life so much more manageable and less medicated and I am breathing so much better. I just love that my house is so much cleaner. I tell everybody about how much healthier I am all of the time.

    Jane Swain

  • Thank you rainbow for this amazing experience! We loved getting the change to get our rainbow for free! We had enough time to complete this and won a lot of great things along the way! I can’t wait to keep booking people to keep winning amazing gifts! The vacuum is amazing, the carpet cleaner is amazing, everything about rainbow is amazing! If anyone is wanting to work with amazing people to get a amazing product rainbow is the people to connect with 😁

    Jaina Medlin

  • We enjoyed working the program. It was fun visiting people in their homes and we decided to take dinner “Pizza” about an hour early to spend time with folks. It was a inexpensive way to have dinner and great conversation. Along the way we earned great prizes and all of the attachments. Now, we are enjoying our Rainbow. We love the smell and freshness of our home and feel like it is much cleaner. Great products for us to enjoy.

    Jackie Powers

  • Love this product and the people! Would definitely do it all over again!

    Hope McCall

  • We are so glad we got our rainbow. We love it and use it every day! We just finished our program and received our check for $2756!

    Holly Pearson

  • Absolutely love my RAINBOW! Wish I would have found it sooner. Did the program and earned my rainbow for free!

    Holly Brumbelow

  • Oh my goshhhh I cannot even describe how much I LOVE our rainbow!! It’s everything we need and more all in one. It truly sold itself at most of our shows. Everyone who did the demos was so great and Cain and Abbie are the sweetest couple. Now we get to enjoy ours for free! Thank you Rainbow!

    Heather Owens

  • We have completed our program!! We bought the Rainbow for the benefits that it would give to our family and our house! It is a very amazing product and I would totally buy one again. I am very grateful that this company set up a program to earn it for free!! This definitely was an incentive for me! We received many free gifts and trips!! Thank you Rainbow!

    Heather Lancaster

  • Having a rainbow is life changing . The fact that you can earn it is even better! Great reps and free gifts! Thanks Rainbow!!

    Heather Bledsoe

  • We have enjoyed our Rainbow experience. My husband and I really enjoy using our Rainbow. I can really tell the difference in the air in my house. I recommend the Rainbow to everyone.

    Harriet Dennis

  • I am so excited today I received my email stating that I have officially completed my program and they are going to even handle paying the finance company for me. I was so happy with the team I worked with that I decided to join the team myself and start selling them. I love my rainbow and I am super excited to be part of the family!

    Harmony Margarita

  • 6 months ago, my husband and I were asked to sit in on a demo for a friend, little did we know we would own a Rainbow ourselves! We have loved our Rainbow and all it’s benefits! It’s an amazing product and I am so glad to have been able to share it with my friends and family through the Show and Tell Program!

    Hannah Duran

  • We have had our rainbow for almost a year now and we still love it. Now that we have a little one on the way we are gonna feel a lot better knowing we have the rainbow to clean and pick up all the dirt and dust. It definitely has changed the air quality in our home and helps us with our allergies. This machine is pretty awesome!

    Haley Dain

  • I bought a Rainbow from Michelle. She was amazing and everyone that we had for all of our shows were great and very nice. I love my rainbow and did not think that I would see a difference in my house like I have. It is amazing!

    Hailey Hendrix

  • We finished our show n tell program and are loving our Rainbow home purifier. My husband and I started out just trying to help a friend and we said we are not buying anything. Well that didn’t work, but we are so glad we went through the program to get our unit for free. Thanks Clermont staff and all the dealers we met along the way!

    Glenda Green

  • We absolutely love our rainbow. Has made a tremendous difference in the dust in our house. We finished our program and are waiting on our check.

    Gina Taylor

  • We officially completed our program just in time to get our reimbursement check for Christmas 😊 Absolutely love my Rainbow and not sure how I lived without it before! Thank you to all the wonderful reps we have met on this journey…you all played a huge role in helping us reach our goal! #rainbowlife

    Erin Pickens

  • We love our rainbow and all of the attachments we’ve earned along the way! We had our show in March right before Covid started. Even during the Covid chaos, we were still able to complete our program!! Its totally worth it if you want cleaner air and a cleaner home!

    Erin Crouch

  • We love our rainbow! We had a great experience doing the show and tell program and getting our rainbow FREE! We got a lot of free gifts while doing the program also.

    Erica Whitman

  • As soon as a friend showed me the rainbow, I knew I had to have one! The program was easy to follow and we surprisingly finished it very quickly and even earned some more gifts in between! The rainbow is an amazing tool and everyone in my house loves using it!

    Erica Edwards

  • I am very happy to say that we have completed our program. We have earned our rainbow for free and it has been fun along the way. The rainbow is just amazing. The program is a great way to get yours for free and all the additional incentives are fabulous. Love my rainbow!

    Emily Fischer

  • We done a show as a favor for a friend and initially we were very skeptical. After seeing how the Rainbow works we knew that we would be able to easily complete twelve shows for our friends and family. Rainbow made it very easy to set up shows and worked with our hectic schedules. We had a lot of fun showing the Rainbow to our friends and it was quite easy to do a show, and the awesome representatives definitely added to the fun. The Rainbow sells itself and I’m glad we participated. We love our Rainbow and not sure how we managed to get through life without it. Even better that we now don’t have to pay for it by completing our shows. Thanks Rainbow for making it easy and fun!

    Elicia & AJ Hansen

  • Just completed our program! It was so much fun! Loved all the reps we met along the way. Everything went so sloothly! And now we have our complete system to get every part of our home and cars clean and fresh! Love our rainbow! If we hadn’t completed the program it would still be worth every penny, the husband hasn’t been sick or had sinus issues since we kept our rainbow. Not to mention how many times we have cleaned the carpet from our 3 dogs messes. It’s paid for its self!

    Doyle Petty

  • As soon as Nick started the demo I was hooked! I had to have a rainbow and share it with everyone! The show and tell program was so easy and the rewards made everything 10 times better!!

    Dorothy Land

  • The shows and process was very achievable. The rainbow works great and you learn something new at each of the shows. It’s amazing how much mess our previous vacuum was leaving behind.

    Donald Fowler

  • Absolutely love my rainbow!! My family no longer has to take allergy medicine thanks to rainbow!! Not only does it cut my cleaning in half because of all the multi functions for this product, it literally cleans my air and you do not see the dust accumulating near as fast as before. Thank you rainbow.

    Destinee Gilbert

  • I absolutely love our rainbow! The program was easy to follow and the dealers were amazing! Our rainbow helped my son and I to get off allergy shots with was expensive and time consuming. So glad we got a rainbow!

    Desiree Edwards

  • It’s been a great ride they helped me a lot through the whole journey. I’ll never get rid of our rainbow. It’s been amazing!

    Dericka Farley

  • I finished my show and tell program at the first of Oct. I have received my 12th show attachments and I am waiting on my rainbow checks. I am super excited to share what Rainbow has done for me and my family. If you are doing the program keep pushing through. It is worth it and I would do all over again. I am looking forward to a meet and greet this month. Rainbow could be in our future and our answer to paying off debt. I love our rainbow and all of the attachments. I love the rainbow family. Thank you Jody Davis from the bottom of my heart.

    Dana Brown

  • Such a fun and rewarding program to be apart of! I just love my rainbow and use it daily!


  • I have finished the program! I’m ready to use my attachments. My Rainbow has been so good to me. It even helped me trap a wasp that had gotten in the house. I normally spray them to death, but all I had to do this time is suck him up with the Rainbow. I love it!

    Csherri Elder

  • Thank you for such an amazing experience. I loved getting gifts and truly enjoyed working with each of the Reps. The RAINBOW sells itself and is absolutely amazing. Can’t go wrong with RAINBOW!!! FREE is AWESOME too!

    Crystal Kitts

  • I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple weeks now but I’ve had sick kids and busy with family for the holidays.. I just wanted to say thank you to the Pickens Rainbow office.. Abbie and Kayne and each Rep that I had along the way through my show and tell program.. I am so excited to have finished my program and received our check and paid off my Rainbow.. I am finally truly satisfied knowing that I have not only a wonderful vacuum, but a great mop,broom, carpet cleaner, duster and most importantly clean air in our home! To everyone still working on their program it’s totally possible! My sister and I both completed it in around 3 months and both received our checks and paid off our Rainbow! Thank you so much again! So glad I decided to keep my Rainbow in August! #Rainbowlife

    Cierra Brigman

  • We absolutely love our rainbow! I have severe asthma and to just be able to have cleaner air for our family was a no brainer! Little hands touch our floors and I never have to worry if people don’t leave their shoes at the door because we are rainbow 🌈 proud!

    Christa Sellers

  • So grateful to have earned our Rainbow for free. The Rainbow is an excellent product and after using it so mop up after the kids and hosting get togethers we can’t live without it. The show & tell program took more work than we anticipated, but it took no effort at all to get the 2 sales required for the program. The Rainbow just sells itself.

    Chris Tyler

  • My wife and I absolutely LOVE THE RAINBOW. Doing the program was easy and we got 11 out of 12 shows a rainbow sold and we are proud of that because we did not know at the time how many other of our friends and family would love it like we did but we are so happy to share the great product like Rainbow. I never thought I would become a dealer but after a few short weeks of training I am part of the Ramily and I get to share the excitement of ownership of a Rainbow with others . Our Rainbow is used daily and is the best cleaning machine and is 2nd to none.

    Chris Allen

  • We love our rainbow! We completed our program and received our check!

    Charles Clark

  • We were hesitant to do the Show and Tell program and actually decided against it at first. We purchased the rainbow up front but after a few days of thinking about it and friends wanting to learn more about the Rainbow system, we decided to do the Show and Tell program. We are so thankful we did! I use my Rainbow system daily! The system sells itself and showing it to family and friends was so easy and fun! The rainbow reps are now like family! We highly recommend doing the Show and Tell program!

    Cassie Collins

  • When we purchased our home we considered it to be one of our largest investments. Now, owning a Rainbow will help us to maintain the investment that we are putting some much of our efforts and finances into all while keeping our family healthy! We have also enjoyed the opportunity to build good relationship with those who work with Rainbow.

    Carlton Smith

  • I am so in love with my rainbow and was able to earn it absolutely free in only 3 months! Everybody was so nice and helpful, I loved being able to earn all the free gifts and extras that came along in the program too. If your thinking about doing it just go for it. You won’t regret it.

    Candice Campbell

  • I’m so glad we heard of rainbow from a friend!! I now have a home that I know is CLEAN. I would never go back to my old way of cleaning. I love our rainbow so much, the difference in our air is wonderful!!! I think everyone should have a rainbow in their home.

    Camaery Drummond

  • We did it! We finished our go4it program and just received our check! The process went very smoothly and couldn’t be happier! We learned something knew every time we had a demo! We absolutely love our rainbow! We literally use it for everything! Our house just feels so much fresher And cleaner! Our little girls always ask if they can vacuum too! It’s one of the best purchases we have made! Thank you rainbow!

    Brooke Brown

  • We had no idea what the Rainbow was until a co-worker asked us to do a show. We said yes and I told my husband how much it was. We both agreed we would say no. The person who did our show did our area rug that our 11month old son crawls on all the time… We were sold…. We are now on our 5/12 show and have a week left in our 45 days. It’s simply amazing!

    Brittany Washington

  • Purchasing the Rainbow was a GREAT investment for my family and I, It has cut my toddler’s runny nose spells in half! And your house will NEVER be as clean as it could be using this machine. I love it, it is and forever will be my favorite tool as a mom and for every single cleaning purposes in my home and outside! I highly recommend this product to everyone, if you’re in doubt because of the price don’t be! It is definitely worth it and if you can’t pay for it outright or using the payment plan, sign up for the program and earn it; along with all of the awesome attachments for FREE!!!

    Brittany Ramsey

  • I just absolutely love Rainbow and everything about it. My demo’s were always handled professionally and everyone I ever dealt with were always genuine and kind! I loved the company so much that my husband and I actually both began working for Rainbow and are so thankful we were given the opportunity to do so! I’m so thankful that Rainbow was brought into my home on December 29, 2018!

    Brittany Gilbert

  • We LOVE our Rainbow!!! We have two small children and it has been so helpful with keeping the house clean, sanitized and filled with clean air. It was super easy to complete all of our shows and the staff has been so great during the process. We use our Rainbow at least 3 times a week on different parts of the house. It has been a saving grace when it comes to our toddlers eating and the cleanup has been such a breeze. Cleaning the Rainbow is simple and has made our lives so much easier. I would recommend this product to anyone 100%.

    Brittany Christmas

  • I have completed my program… LOVE my rainbow!! I am so glad I had the opportunity to get to know the rainbow family!

    Bridget Lomoriello

  • My husband and I were so skeptical on rainbow as per any sales company but when our friends came over and did a show for us, we were instantly amazed! Not only did the rainbow clear up my daughter’s allergies but it helped with dog odor and made cleaning easier! Thank you rainbow!! 12 shows completed 🙂

    Briana Lesniak-Sellers

  • We have finished and been approved for the Show and Tell Program!!! Thank you Rain Bow ShowandTell​​ for the assistance, professionalism, and opportunity to earn our Rainbow system and many other items for FREE!

    Ashley Rollins

  • We love our Rainbow, it is such an amazing product! It makes cleaning so much fun and so productive! Also, I’m so thankful for the program that has allowed me to get such a great product for free!

    Ashley Lee

  • I NEVER thought it would be me, but I absolutely LOVE my Rainbow!! For a full time working Mother it has literally cut my cleaning in half, I LOVE that you can see everything it’s pulling out of the air you have no idea you are constantly breathing in until you see it first hand. My mom hasn’t had to have her allergy shots, which were once 3x a week, since she got her Rainbow. I’m so glad I was able to work the program, share it with all my friends, and get mine for free!! & its AMAZING to know that I will not have to replace or worry about household cleaning items for years and years to come!!

    Ashley Jordan

  • It’s been a long ride, but gratifying experience. Rainbow does many many incentives so that you can earn prizes, vacations and attachments during the whole 12 show process. It’s really rare to have a company allow you to earn an expensive piece of equipment and it’s great we got to earn our Rainbow! We look forward to using our Rainbow for many many years!

    Ashley Irizarry

  • We were one of those, “say NO say NO say NO, were helping a friend out ONLY” couples. However, we seen what the RAINBOW can do and continues to do and LOVE it! We couldn’t imagine our life without RAINBOW! Even our 15 month old son LOVES to vacuum and tries it himself…if he cant do it he runs to grab his own vacuum! We loved the Rainmate as well! However our bowl got accidently damaged and we are without the rainmate (im so sad) but we are working on finding a replacement bowl—we love it THAT much too.. Give RAINBOW a try, you wont regret it, I promise!!! our floors have never looked as great as they do now!!!

    Ashlee Martin

  • I absolutely love my Rainbow! I never intended on keeping it bc of the price and also the program looked very hard. Once I watched the demo and seen the Allergy and asthma foundation sticker and heard all the great things about it, I wanted to know more and then wanted it. Further into the demo was the test drive and my wife loved how light weight it was pushing to clean and wanted it too. We had our rainbow for three months and started noticing a difference. We have now had our rainbow for seven months and my daughter, thanks to this product, has come down on her medicine dosages a great deal. Her asthma hasn’t been a issue like it was before this. We are also no longer afraid of flu season since one in the household came home with it back in November and the germacide stopped it with that one person. No one else had gotten it. I love my Rainbow and if you don’t have one-well you should. The program was simple. Literally it sold itself! I didn’t think I’d sell one but sold 5! You can too. It’s worth the program to get one!!! Thank you rainbow!

    Ariel Braddam

  • We just finished our program and we are so happy that we got the opportunity to earn our rainbow for free. Not only is our home clean but our air is clean too!! Loving my rainbow, what a great investment for our home.

    Ardrey Browner

  • The rainbow has been life changing to me. It helps with cleaning my home in many ways. It gives my house a clean smell also with many ways to clean floor from carpet, hardwood floor, tiles, and laminate flooring it just make the job so much easier. I don’t know what I would do with out my rainbow.

    Anietra Aldrich

  • We got our Rainbow in March of 2018 and it has completely changed our lives. Our daughter had severe allergies where she had to take three different allergy pills, nose spray, and saline solution on top of two allergy injections per week. A few weeks after leaving the Rainbow running 24/7, she began stopping some of the medicine she was taking. In another couple of weeks, she completely stopped all of her medicine except the injections. She wants to stop the injections, but we decided to wait until she has gone through all four seasons before we allow that. However, we have been through spring, summer, and fall seasons with NO symptoms. I wish we would have learned about the Rainbow before she started allergy injections; it would have saved a lot of money. Another great part is that we earned our Rainbow for Free through the Show and Tell program, but it is still worth every penny at full cost! Thank you Rainbow for making a difference in our lives!

    Angela Young

  • We did a favor and are happy we did!! We love our Rainbow and think it is truly the best home cleaning machine out there. The fact that it purifies the air also is a bonus. Now that ours was free it is definitely not s deal to pass up!!!!

    Andy & Ashley

  • We absolutely love our rainbow! I feel like our house is clean from the bottom up. The air quality is definitely better and we have been able to take our son off of all allergy medications!!!

    Amy Stewart

  • We absolutely LOVE our Rainbow cleaning system! We were super skeptical and decided before even seeing the demo that we were not buying this thing but I am so glad we did! It’s a total game changer!!

    Amy Nguyen

  • My Husband and I were dead set against buying this machine. But as the show went on and we saw what an amazing product the Rainbow was and all the amazing things it could do for our family. We could not pass up on such an amazing product and everything that was offered with it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone single, married, or with children.

    Amy Michelle Waldroup

  • We LOVE our Rainbow so much. I wanted it for the cleaning abilities and my wife wanted it for the air purifier. Now we both love the whole package. We completed our program and got extra gifts along the way.

    Amy Calhoun

  • YAY!!! Successfully completed our program and got notification today!!! We worked hard and it paid off! We now have a FREE RAINBOW AND ALL THE ATTACHMENTS!! Thank you so much to the Cumming area team for being so wonderful throughout the process!!

    Amber Ray

  • I absolutely love my rainbow and the experience of the show and tell program was one of the best! Every show you learn something new and all the reps are amazing!!!

    Amanda Clippard

  • My husband and I just finished our Show&Tell program yesterday! I’m totally in love with my Rainbow! Almost as much as I am with the amazing group of people that helped me earn it! Thank you so much to Rainbow and the Pickens Team!!! I enjoyed every minute!

    Amanda Cawthon

  • I am IN LOVE with our Rainbow. I started out, like everyone else, just doing a favor for a friend…and saying to my husband before they got to our house “ok- we are NOT buying a vacuum!” And guess what- we DIDN’T buy one…we earned it 🙂 The difference it has made in our house is amazing. Not only for the amazing perks that they tell you about, but for the extra things that we have run into. Our bulldog got skunked this summer, and my husband didn’t realize that that was what happened…so he brought her inside…which meant everything we owned smelled like skunk…including our house. I ran our Rainbow on high several times a day, in our living room, master bedroom, bathroom, and dining room, for about 2 weeks, and I have to say- after about a week, the smell was much milder than it was (if you have ever had skunk in your house…this is an amazing feat!) After about 3-4 weeks, the smell was gone. Later this year, I came home to our toilet in our master bathroom completely overflowing….for 30 minutes. Our carpet in our bedroom and in our closet, and going into the living room was soaked with the water. We fixed the toilet, and I immediately started sucking up the water in the bathroom. THEN, I hooked up the shampooer attachment and began going over the carpet on the extraction setting. The bowl just kept filling up- it just kept sucking the water up out of my carpets. I have to say that it probably saved our carpets. I LOVED doing the show and tell program. I loved visiting with my friends and family and sharing this with them- and they loved it so much, that 9 out of 12 kept it as well. AND the fact that they just handed me FREE attachments for completing parts of the program?! Come on! You can’t beat that!

    Alyssa Miller

  • Awesome Program, with awesome dealers with outstanding professionalism

    Alphonso Jefferson

  • We have no idea what we would do without our rainbow! My grandmother has a rainbow and I’m sure it’s many year old. I knew what a rainbow was but I had no clue that it would be this amazing. My in laws were the ones who told us about it and asked if we could do a show for them. Of course we said yes. Sara. We have lived in our house a little over a year and it still smells like new. We have carpet throughout our home and we have two small children who love to make messes. Sara was the dealer who came and did our demonstration. The junk that came out of our floor was a total shock! She cleaned in the living room where our children play the most. After just 2 hrs of her staying in one spot, we were sold! I have asthma and so does our son and I have seen a huge difference in both him and I. We constantly leave ours running to circulate the room and make the whole house smell wonderful! It has truly been a life saving investment for our family! Thank you rainbow family and Sara for everything you have done for us!

    Alanna Francis

  • Abbie and Cain made my program possible! Literally without them and their encouragement I would have failed along the way. I had to take a few weeks off in the beginning because I got pregnant and was super sick! They helped me get back on track and complete the program! They rock!

    Alana Wilson Fisher