Rainbow was one of the best gift that enter into our life. My family and I LOVE the Rainbow system. It completely cleans are maintain my house. Couldn’t believe it but the Rainbow saved my carpet. We have two boys that suffers from various allergies, asthma and daily nose bleeds. Since March 2018 when the Rainbow system joined our family I can say, “NO MORE nose bleeds,” goodbye weekly asthma and allergy shoots. Our family is healthier than before. We had save hundreds by eliminating our asthma and allergy medications, asthmas shoots, and weekly co-pays expenses. Finally, another blessing, we were able to EARNED it for FREE. The program was amazing, not only did you meet incredible dealers (Jon, Wesley, Tara, Jessica, etc,), but you work will an amazing team of women that guide you through out the program. These women want you to succeed in completing your program. These amazing women first became our friends then our family, Shelby and Rachel, we love you, girl. Thank you very much. Vanessa and Gabriel