“My sister asked me to do a show for her in October 2018 and to be completely honest I had no idea what the rainbow was and I didn’t really want to do the show but I thought since I got a free 2 night vacation that it couldn’t be that bad, so we gave it a shot and my husband sure didn’t want to be here but once our rep got here and presented the rainbow cleaning system and showed us everything it did, we fell in love with it and my husband ultimately had to have it, we have 2 children at the time our daughter was 18 months old and our son was 5 months old and we loved the health benefits it has for children keeping the air clean and helping with allergies which both of our children suffer from severely, we live right next to a hay field and every time they cut they hay our children get sick even when we stay inside, the rainbow has really made a difference in our allergy problems. Having two babies in diapers makes cleaning for me a challenge and the rainbow broom has been such a blessing just having to sweep over the dirt and it getting trapped in the water instead of just relocating on the floor and air and not having to go behind and using a dust pan is such a plus! The rainbow cleans the air which leaves behind less dust in our home and I don’t have to dust as often which is also much easier to do with the rainbow. The best part is that we were able to do the 12 shows and earn our system for free and we have gotten so many extras from being a part of this program. We have gotten two 7 night, 8 day vacations, two 2 night, 3 day cruises to the Caribbean, our 2 night, 3 day vacation, we have earned 5 rainmate humidifiers, and a free tablet or smart watch when we went to a meet and greet. Definitely would do it again!!”