I was like most everyone and agreed to let a friend show us the Rainbow to help her earn hers for free. Also like others, I let it be know in the very beginning to her that we didn’t mind helping but if she needed someone to purchase it, she didn’t need to waste her time. So about 40 shows later, I’ve received my check, vacation, attachments and everything I was promised in the beginning. Did you say 40 SHOWS?!? Yes I did! We would have received out check and 12th show attachments sooner if I just focused on completing our program and that was it. Instead I saw the changes my friends and family had in their health and lives and I made the best decision I’ve made to date. I left a job where I hated where I was and what I was doing, went through the RUSH training program and now enjoy what I do for a living and take pride in knowing I am apart of changing people lives. Another bonus is that I’m working a fraction of the time I had been, spending more time with my family, and sleeping with comfort, not only because my Rainbow helps me do that, but also because I am doing something that makes my heart feel good!