The day I got my Rainbow, I was up all night with worry. “How am I gonna pay for this?” “What if I don’t get enough shows?” “$3000 for a vacuum, I’m a bloomin idiot.”. Then daylight came and so did the determination. I knocked out my 1st six shows without difficulty. I took a little break before I started back. I had a bit of trouble getting the last few shows booked, but then everything just fell into place. I had a suspicion that my “12th show” couple would buy so I wanted to find another show to be my 12th. I did just that. By the time I was finished, not only did I complete my 12 shows (with plenty of time to spare) but I also got a sale on #13, which means I am $1455 richer!! I sold a total of 5 on my program. It isn’t hard. Rainbow sells itself! Btw, in case you are wondering, I’m still loving my Rainbow! 🙂