I absolutely love my Rainbow! I never intended on keeping it bc of the price and also the program looked very hard. Once I watched the demo and seen the Allergy and asthma foundation sticker and heard all the great things about it, I wanted to know more and then wanted it. Further into the demo was the test drive and my wife loved how light weight it was pushing to clean and wanted it too. We had our rainbow for three months and started noticing a difference. We have now had our rainbow for seven months and my daughter, thanks to this product, has come down on her medicine dosages a great deal. Her asthma hasn’t been a issue like it was before this. We are also no longer afraid of flu season since one in the household came home with it back in November and the germacide stopped it with that one person. No one else had gotten it. I love my Rainbow and if you don’t have one-well you should. The program was simple. Literally it sold itself! I didn’t think I’d sell one but sold 5! You can too. It’s worth the program to get one!!! Thank you rainbow!