We got our Rainbow in March of 2018 and it has completely changed our lives. Our daughter had severe allergies where she had to take three different allergy pills, nose spray, and saline solution on top of two allergy injections per week. A few weeks after leaving the Rainbow running 24/7, she began stopping some of the medicine she was taking. In another couple of weeks, she completely stopped all of her medicine except the injections. She wants to stop the injections, but we decided to wait until she has gone through all four seasons before we allow that. However, we have been through spring, summer, and fall seasons with NO symptoms. I wish we would have learned about the Rainbow before she started allergy injections; it would have saved a lot of money. Another great part is that we earned our Rainbow for Free through the Show and Tell program, but it is still worth every penny at full cost! Thank you Rainbow for making a difference in our lives!