I am IN LOVE with our Rainbow. I started out, like everyone else, just doing a favor for a friend…and saying to my husband before they got to our house “ok- we are NOT buying a vacuum!” And guess what- we DIDN’T buy one…we earned it 🙂 The difference it has made in our house is amazing. Not only for the amazing perks that they tell you about, but for the extra things that we have run into. Our bulldog got skunked this summer, and my husband didn’t realize that that was what happened…so he brought her inside…which meant everything we owned smelled like skunk…including our house. I ran our Rainbow on high several times a day, in our living room, master bedroom, bathroom, and dining room, for about 2 weeks, and I have to say- after about a week, the smell was much milder than it was (if you have ever had skunk in your house…this is an amazing feat!) After about 3-4 weeks, the smell was gone. Later this year, I came home to our toilet in our master bathroom completely overflowing….for 30 minutes. Our carpet in our bedroom and in our closet, and going into the living room was soaked with the water. We fixed the toilet, and I immediately started sucking up the water in the bathroom. THEN, I hooked up the shampooer attachment and began going over the carpet on the extraction setting. The bowl just kept filling up- it just kept sucking the water up out of my carpets. I have to say that it probably saved our carpets. I LOVED doing the show and tell program. I loved visiting with my friends and family and sharing this with them- and they loved it so much, that 9 out of 12 kept it as well. AND the fact that they just handed me FREE attachments for completing parts of the program?! Come on! You can’t beat that!