We have no idea what we would do without our rainbow! My grandmother has a rainbow and I’m sure it’s many year old. I knew what a rainbow was but I had no clue that it would be this amazing. My in laws were the ones who told us about it and asked if we could do a show for them. Of course we said yes. Sara. We have lived in our house a little over a year and it still smells like new. We have carpet throughout our home and we have two small children who love to make messes. Sara was the dealer who came and did our demonstration. The junk that came out of our floor was a total shock! She cleaned in the living room where our children play the most. After just 2 hrs of her staying in one spot, we were sold! I have asthma and so does our son and I have seen a huge difference in both him and I. We constantly leave ours running to circulate the room and make the whole house smell wonderful! It has truly been a life saving investment for our family! Thank you rainbow family and Sara for everything you have done for us!